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Hans 1 year ago
Can we PLEASE talk about this chair?
1 year ago
Buried balls deep in a tight ass and he pulls out to jack off. What an idiot!
1 year ago
Why fuck the ass with a snatch like that?
1 year ago
random german comment
1 year ago
Pretty, shapely, hardworking girl... ;). And she has a nice pussy...
1 year ago
What’s her name… need to see someone fuck her right
Soooooo… 1 year ago
No one thought to move the chair out of the way, huh? That’s some award winning directing right there.
wtf is his deal!? 1 year ago
dude has a 10 in front of him and he can't kiss, and he can't fuck... fucking pussy
Mike 1 year ago
He needs an instruction manual.
Chair? 1 year ago
Couldn't have moved that chair huh