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Uncle jesse 5 years ago
Smh...She's so gorgeous yet so lame
Boss 5 years ago
These clowns hella weak that bih ain’t even felling that shit
THE GUY IS A PICE OF S#### 3 years ago
Bro you already fucking the chick dont go ahead and pull her hair like she was a fucking animal. ALSO GO TO THE FUCKING GYM FAT ASS.
3 years ago
Dumb bitch shouldn't doing porn. She's not even feeling it lmao couldn't look less interested or enthused. Definitely not a turn on.
Shame 5 years ago
That was the stupidest thing I ever seen she's like shouldn't we use a condom 'after the guy has already put in his dick inside her then he says yea and goes put one on what an idiot
lucy 6 years ago
The guy is cute
2 years ago
I love how she’s not into it. It makes the guy seem incompetent and needs someone like me instead
Name 6 years ago
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David c 1 year ago
She got nice cute lil tities. Hekka fine face and ass
Loko34 5 years ago